This is some great info on wade fishing the Yakima River. There is advice on fly casting, wading, and reading water.


  1. What city are you near? I fish the yakima in the summer and all i pull out are smallmouth and sucker fish

  2. Absolutely essential information on bank fishing the Yakima and many other difficult rivers we have in Washington and Oregon. Thanks Joe!

  3. I just wanted to see YAKIMA again. I haven’t given it much thought since 1973 Training with 9th Infantry Division, 25th Infantry and 82nd AIRBORNE days reporting to General Alexander M Haig and Lt General Charles P Otstott in the end. Major Willis, XO had known my father since his days (Major Willis was much younger and we were family friends until he became MY BOSS.. Things changed as they must!). My father was shot 3 times at ANZIO, ITALY fighting NAZI GERMANY. SS Troops alongside his lifelong buddy James Arness if GUNSMOKE TV show fame. We visited the SET couple times but, out of our element. Major Willis, US Army, 9th Inf. caught up to me after IU graduated from Santa Monica High and was headed out to go surfing and convinced me to visit the Local Army Base. The rest is history…FIRST MAJOR TRAINING WAS AT “YAKIMA TRAINING GROUNDS”. Outside FT. LEWIS, WASHINGTON. We rented a nice little house in TACOMA. Nice people. Wonderful outdoors lifestyle. Fishing, Hunting, I had my SAILBOAT (FINN), hiking. Girls all over the place! You just need to know TWO STEP. How to keep up with Drinking and cussing with them! lol And make it to THE PARADE FIELD ON MONDAY MORNING TO “REPORT IN” as a Battalion. Battalion Reeeeeport!!! God, I miss it. Great times. Young, healthy, happy, free. Another time. Thanks for VIDEO….Beautiful area. I loved looking down on that Valley from the top of a TANK. No fishing poles allowed on that trip. Sadly. Bless you

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