In Canada, the mic died during the singing of the American national anthem before Tuesday night’s game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Nashville Predators. Without missing a beat, Toronto fans stepped in and finished the Star Spangled Banner. Gayle King reports.


  1. We Canadians look at Americans as the rebellious cousin we wish we were, of course we're gonna step in and help out…that's what we should all do….

  2. If you’re a hockey fan in Canada, you’ve heard both anthems so often you can sing them both backwards and forwards (and in English and French, lol). Of course we know the words. We’re just glad to help.

  3. If the roles were reversed.

    Americans: “Oh Canada, Oh Canada, Blah blah, somethin, somethin.”

  4. Americans shouldn't really be surprised other countries know their anthems lyrics, we hear it so often.

    If only they had the same respect for other nations eh 😉

  5. canada is that one guy in class that intentionally ask the teacher a question during a text so u can look at your hidden paper sheet to cheat.

  6. God bless America never left out North America as a whole or South America if you ask me. Although we stand apart as Country’s we are definitely Canada’s brother as it stands.

  7. And now how many yrs later?? cbs helped to push the anti American sentiment currently prevailing in 2021 ! Smh sad

  8. Those were not Canadians these US citizens that immigrated to Canada since South Americans come to US.

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