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WE PULLED MULTIPLE DIAMONDS IN THE NEW DYNAMIC DUO PACKS!! | NBA 2K17 MyTEAM PACK OPENING. In this video we open some of the new dynamic duo packs that were added into myteam earlier today. These packs allow you to pull any card with a dynamic duo including rewards cards meaning that it is possible to pull a pink diamond mj, pink diamond duncan, or pink diamond kobe in packs. You can also pull some of the best cards in the game like diamond larry bird and diamond magic johnson. In this pack opening, we pull 2 diamonds and an insane amethyst in 2 boxes which is 200k mt. In my opinion, we got a great return on the packs that we bought in this pack opening. In my opinion, these are the best packs to buy in nba 2k17 myteam and is seems as though 2k have raised the pack odds and made it more likely for a person to pull a diamond in these packs