Joe’s shows off and fires his minty WGP Karnivor Autococker (Worr Games Products). What classic gear do you want to see?

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  1. I never should have sold my Karnivore :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  2. The E-Cockers had a serious design flaw. They were a pump gun made semi made electric. An inefficient way to do things.

  3. My buddy got one of these when we were a teenager than he only used it a few times than quit and sold it was soo sad that I wasn’t able to
    Buy it off him
    Since I had no job to do so at the time to get the money for it, but boy when I used it for a few speedball pugs I felt unstoppable haha the fun felt so smooth in every aspect. Thing ripped with a halo hopper back in the day, my buddy had an all gun metal look for his color of
    The gun the thing was beast.

  4. Just picked one up.had one years ago and just got another one in a trade. Glad to have it back. Karnis rip and shoot laser beams

  5. can i please see a 2004 prostock autococker i was obsessed with that one as a kid i would love to see it still around and if it holds up to current markers today

  6. So pissed i didnt pick one up a few years ago when ans had them on sale. Had to settle for a 2k5 prostock with an eblade.

  7. I would love to the SR be reviewed I have one bought it on Ebay fairly cheap but the board it out I can use it and works great but it’s stuck in whatever mode it is in the LCD is blank but wow I can walk that thing so well and it rips when the board does go completely I’ll be sticking my E2 frame grip on it and all will be right in the world lol! so please it you would I would be most appreciative guys and you do review the nice markers! luv it! Keep up the nice work!

  8. I believe if you turn the eyes off it should drop down to 10.5 bps. Mine did, hope that’s helpful!

  9. Man this brings back memories from when I was in college and couldn’t afford one of those nice autocockers. Where would be a good place to get a nice, working autococker these days? Is that one for sale…for the right price??

  10. wow! I miss my Karni! I haven’t played in 15years, but I still have my Karni with kaner kit. contemplating of converting it to pump.

  11. Do you guys know anyone with a nice Bob Long Intimidator? I’d love to see someone show off their Ripper, A-Bomb, Species or any other (2k2-2k5) Timmy!

  12. Also The 4way solenoids are 100% rebuildable and there’s is the sci-fi board available for board replacements.

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