On Episode 5 of the I AM ATHLETE Podcast, the 4 former NFL stars give their insight and experience on how they dealt with their earnings while playing, tell us where they invested their money after retiring and give advice to young players on how manage the big bucks.

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  5. This is by far one of the realest, genuine, entertaining and most informative black shows I have ever witnessed. These brothers are doing something that no other show I have witnessed has done or is doing. I have never been so excited, informed and inspired by any show like this one, and trust me I watch a lot of shows. This platform brings so much enrichment to the lives of people. I absolutely love this show. I appreciate these brothers and sister for being transparent and sharing their life with us in such a compelling manner. This is coming from a brother that is much older than everyone on the show. This is a Godsend. Keep up the great work and allowing God to use you all to be a blessing…

  6. Watched like 5-10 podcasts without subscribing and just did. I love seeing birds of the same feather flock together naturally like they were in school together or family that wants the best for each other and whoever they care about. Then turning the corning and seeing the competitive edge and hard ass attitude that money didn’t build. Money helped them learn some wise shit quicker than others but they looked out for themselves and have helped people while they see the snakes in the grass still knowing who just wants a handout. Plus im a bengals fan during ocho’s erra but i live an hour from cinci so i gotta root for them.

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  8. I think we as black people should invest in classes for our people…we think we should spend more than we have..

  9. Fantastic discussion. In summation, save for retirement, don’t stunt, and buy at least one rental property annually. That’s how wealth is built.

  10. Best Podcast fr, the culture needs more of these discussions. i have learned so much from each episode, and i will apply it to my life and my business endeavours. it`s Liiittt !!!

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  14. How about y’all build your house and business in the hood and build up the community . We get bread and MAKE IT OUT, buy houses in the white community. And don’t circulate our own money. Like the China towns etc.

  15. Bruh I totally agree with chad mindset. I always said growing up if I’m famous/Rich I would wear fake jewelry. Everybody already know you have bread so why waste it.

  16. We African people need to invest in ourselves Bruh. We don’t need to be admitted to a better institution. We need to create those excellent institutions. That is what other communities do i.e the Jewish, Asian etc

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  19. Gronk is also one of the most financially responsible players Ive seen. He doesnt really buy expensive clothes or jewelry, if he dont need it and he saves it.

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  21. if somebody would have told Trent Richardson this then he wouldn’t have never went broke and would still be in the League

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  23. If you are a Miami Dolphins fan. Now you understand why yall team suck🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  24. I remember being in middle school seeing chad Johnson at female basketball game in “Katy, Tx” I got his auto graph and when the game was over I saw him get into a old ass green 4 door I’m thinking wtf this is not ochocinco 😂 makes since now.

  25. This is the one this conversation has taught me a lot and has gave me perfect advice that I will put into play

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