I do a What If 9 Year old Cam Newton standing at 4 feet tall, was in the NFL. I chose to do this because I found out that when Peyton Manning had his NFL Debut, Cam was only 9 years old!

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  1. You are dumb you are passing with a q.b with awful throwing stats why are you not running with him

  2. All of his stats would be 15 or below why would a none year old have a 40 yard dash of below five? His speed would be like a 30

  3. IF HE IS 9 YEARS OLD HE IS NOT A FREAKING BABY. BABY’S ARE 2 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bruh I’m younger than 9 real old cam but I get thing like adults if I was in this vid I deserve a around 80s 70s
    60s awareness

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