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  1. I hope Habs fan understand that you will have to give up a MINIMUM of 2st, a TOP PROSPECT, AND a roadster play like JD, Danault…Pens might even ask SUZUKI and the have the right to do so.

  2. I think Lemieux has said that he will never trade Crosby… and Crosby wants to be there his entire career anyway. He is not going anywhere.

  3. Why are we pretending that Crosby is 60?

    Guy is easily still a top 5 player in the world, he’s going to stay in Pittsburgh. Montreal can’t afford it.

  4. Crosby has an annoying tendency to disappear in big games. Last season in the playoff bubble is a prime example.

  5. it’s so simple. let crosby retire a penguin and cement his legacy as a one team generational talent. trade malkin to either florida/montreal/nyr. and trade letang to edmonton. pittsburgh can get good young players back from those teams looking to win now. while still being able to somewhat contend with crosby leading until retirement.

    @0:39 in the link
    Is why Crosby deserves at least 2 first round picks in a trade, if he can do that he’ll play until he’s using a walker, but he’s not getting traded because he’s like Mario’s child

  7. Never happening he just don’t fit the jersey either … Montreal isn’t worthy of having any star player in all honesty it’s a shitty city and a shitty team

  8. Idk what people would think about danault + peohling + mete + 1st + extra picks? For Crosby & whatever?
    Not sure if that fits the cap or brings the bar close enough for both sides to pull the trigger.

  9. Sidney Crosby Cannot Leave Pittsburg…your too young to remember maybe…butt PittsBurg Hockey Club still Ow Mario Lemieux is Contract Final payments…they even GAVE im the whole Thing!! the Club and The Building….So Yup Sidney Is The Cashplayer at the Moment

  10. Burkes asking for kk and Suzuki and their first if Sid even wants to go there which I doubt. As an objective nhl fan Colorado is the better trade partner for sid and the pens or NY. Life after the nhl will be more lucrative for sid if he goes to another US city. Montreal is a dead economy.

  11. Seriously guys?? We have all kinds of assets that we can sacrifice… here’s my offer (cough cough) first off trade Danault for a mid-late 1st+2nd. Package that 1st with MTL’s own2021 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Then add to that Caufield, Poehling, Norlinder, Mysak, Ylonen and Byron for Sid 2.5 mill retained. You slot Sid between Gally and Tatar, Sid is gonna be putting 90 pts again. We still have so many picks, we’ll have no problem replenishing and developing prospects by the time Crosby’s contract is up. Bergevin didn’t do all these moves this year just to become stingy with Crosby. No WAY Lemieux says no, he’ll get crucified for turning down that package. Force his hand

  12. What about the salary cap kk makes less then 1 million ,Caudfield has no salary 2 -1st rounders make 0$ Crosby make 8.7 million a year ….. math doesn’t add up

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