Alex Galchenyuk is a former 30-goal scorer, but he’s also been on seven different teams over the past five seasons. So what’s the plan for him in Toronto? That’s Hockey weighs in.
Bryan Hayes, Jamie McLennan and Jeff O’Neill are joined by TSN Hockey analyst Ray Ferraro to get his thoughts on Alex Galchenyuk practicing on the second line with John Tavares and William Nylander.
Maple Leafs forward Alex Galchenyuk discusses how excited he is about the chance to potentially play alongside John Tavares and William Nylander, while Tavares explains how he plans to help Galchenyuk rediscover his confidence. Galchenyuk also discusses how beneficial his time with the Marlies was, while the Leafs talk about how skilled he is as a player.
2020-2021 NHL Season
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  1. Give em credit for being very creative… constantly trying a lot of things…. Ultimately will need Anderson to just play better. Hoping they can pull it off..

  2. I think it's a great option. If he takes off, it will be a bargain. And with more and more rumors about nylander, who better then galchenyuk to take over for him. A poor man's nylander.

  3. “Two of his best line mates ever .. as a unit” good save. Can’t forget the kid was in Pittsburgh

  4. Meanwhile Kenny Agostino can give you everything that Jimmy Vesey and Alex Galchenyuk can. The only difference is that Agostino never scored 30 goals in the bigs in another life.

  5. Interesting comment about Alex Galchenyuk not being good at taking advantage of his teammates because he hasn't had to do that growing up. McDavid is the same way. McDavid is a poor passer when under pressure when someone is in his face and is terrible at trying to get the puck back once he loses it.

  6. These guys forget he had 30 goals as a center, when he was given the freedom to fail and learn at the position.
    He got injured and Montreal never gave him another real shot at the position. Big mistake on our part in my opinion. I would have dealt with a bad year or 2 if it meant he got comfortable enough to work it out.
    We are literally giving that chance to Suzuki right now.

  7. The media has put sooooo much pressure on this guy he looks freaking stressed out of mind lol !!!

  8. Stop saying he is a former 30 goal scorer I scored 40 goals one winter on my block too so what ?

  9. Vesey bragged in a post game interview about being able to go up and down the lineup. Now he is going up and down the waiver wire.

  10. I think based on what the management and coaching see from him he has earned the chance and playing well. Now put him with Tavares and Styles? This could be interesting!!!!!!

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