Which paintball gun for less lethal? NOT the Tippmanns, that’s truth and FACT. Like it or not but you won’t want to bet your life on a gun with so many potentials of LEAKS and shit that can happen on a random day.

Finally the First Strike FSC pistol tune up high power and with the HP68 projectiles you are expecting a 23-25 joules mark shot with 1 co2 for 1 mag of shots. Not bad for this barrel size, and it’s EXTREMELY LOUD. The longer barrel will give more power, as well as the rifled barrel will also give you more power too.

Grimburg HP68 – https://grimburg.me/product/less-lethal-paintballs/

Less lethal options for any 0.68 FSR guns, like Tiberius T8.1 T9.1 and T4.1 or even the new FSC pistol.

Average is about 30 joules but better accuracy and range than the round “breaker balls” in the past. Trade off is you cannot load 8+1 (1 in chamber) but you can always load a pepperball in first and mag goes in for the serious matter.

WASSUP! I am back and here is the update you might wanna know!

For the less lethal, check out – https://grimburg.me/


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