Rory and Nick share who they believe are the Top-10 teams in the NHL as of today. Do you agree with their choices?


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  1. Wow, someone REALLY loves TB. That is the biggest slap in the face I have ever heard for a #2 ranking team, that are the hottest team and on a 13-game point streak and leads the NHL in scoring offense and defense, point differential, goal differential, shot differential, and have the #2 PP defense with one 20-goal scorer, 5 double-digit scores spread from lines 1-3, not to mention #1 goalie in wins and GAA. BUT many writers are saying the defense is the strength…

    Strictly by how they are playing RIGHT NOW (but very debatable)
    1. Colorado
    2. Washington/TB/Vegas
    5. NYI
    6. Minn/Florida
    8. Carolina
    9. Edmonton/Toronto

  2. Oh, look at that… Pitts just took back-to-backs against the Isles, bringing their record against them to 5-2 on the season.. Wow, Pitts really is undeserving of their position in the rankings because they've only beaten the Sabres…

  3. Pittsburgh plays the same games the rest of the division plays. Don't see these guys minimizing Islanders or Caps for playing Rangers, Devil's, and Sabres heavy earlier in the season. Haha. Penguins have a weak fourth line. But they are winning with major injuries.

  4. Look at Pitts… They were like 13-8 without being able to play the Sabres or the Devils… All of the other teams had a chance to play multiple games against them.. They've now had an opportunity like the other teams which is why their record has improved. E.g. Washing = 7-0 against Devils and Sabres… Yeah, it's bc pitts has played a combined 5 games (not even 7) against those teams that they're winning… Oh, Pens have dominated the Isles this year.. guess that has no merit either… smh

  5. Tampa’s has to deal with the Caps come play offs. Who will maintain momentum going into the playoffs?
    Agree Vegas Colo playoff would be awesome. I’m all in for my Capitals skinning Cats and short circuiting the Bolts after eating Pens wings to get to the finals and win our 2nd hard earned Cup. Thick and thin I’m all in for my boys in DC. If we can stop taking too many pims and PK. Hockey is the greatest team sport. Speed, skills and suffering is expected….how you deal makes the man.

  6. Oilers above Florida, Boston, and Toronto? Actually trippin. Oilers are like proly 13-15 range at best and Carolina 6th? Wth? I think too 5 is easily Tampa, Carolina, Vegas, Colorado, and Washington.

  7. "The pens are getting all their wins vs. the crappy teams in thier division so they're barely on this list" – err, the pens are 4-2 vs the Caps and will be 5-2 vs. the Isles in 30 mins. They have a losing record to the Devils, though. Nice take; go find a job you're good at.

  8. I never comment on sports videos like this, but you're idiots. The Leafs for sure aren't number one based on their play the last few weeks (and their light schedule), but they are in the top 10 in the league for sure. You wasted 15 minutes of my life.

  9. Ok well I don't know how you forget the Maple Leafs? You've got Edmonton & Winnipeg in the top 10 but neither is leading the Northern Division.

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