Bondi lifeguards Jeff and Joel go full Cobra Kai and try to break boards with their bare hands. Who will succeed and who will fail?
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Thanks to Kyokushin Karate North Bondi for the new skills.

Learn how to do sh*t with lifeguards and solid Bondi blokes Jethro (aka Jeff) and Joel (aka Loaf) as they learn from some of Bondi’s most interesting and awesome locals.


How to do Sh*t:
Fish Outta Water:
Jeff and Joel REACT:

At Bondi Nation we capture all the weird, wild and entertaining daily adventures that the good humans of Bondi get up to; from the air, in the water and on land. Then share them with the world, one crazy story (or video) at a time.


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  1. The boys are getting up to some crazy sh*t in Bondi. What else do you reckon they should give a try?

  2. I used to do karate, it’s so so much harder than it looks!!! Kicking backwards is FREAKING HARD!!! kudos to Jethro and Joel for doing it!!

  3. The end reminds me of Monsters Inc. only because Jeff’s face is covered by the like “recommended videos” while Joel you can see his entire face. Made me laugh even more then I already was

  4. Oh to be Australian and living life in a virtually covid free society…watching enviously from Canada

  5. Ten outta ten, boys! This was awesome. Especially love the montage. I agree with comments suggesting pole dancing and acrobatics.

  6. Try pole dancing!!! I’m gonna need to see a back hook spin, some body rolls and a hello boys! 😂

  7. I still request you guys put out some sweet merch. The one liners you both have are phenomenal.

  8. Who think Jeff should get rid of his moustache Meeeeeeeeee ✋✋✋ ps lysmmmmmmm 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧💜💕❤️💗💞💛💓💝✋❤️💗✋💞💛💓💛

  9. Only Joel can manage to run into a pillar while showing off his sweet MMA skills. Jethro dying of laughter while Joel has pure terror on his face. Then Joel laughing hysterically at Jethro’s first attempt at breaking the boards. If that doesn’t scream best friends. 😂

  10. I think I speak for everyone here when I say we wanna see the boys try and follow a Bob Ross painting tutorial

  11. Can you guys do like a day in the life of a lifeguard vlog. It would be really interesting to see the stuff that we don’t get to see on Bondi rescue!

  12. Brilliant video fellas, although I wouldn’t want to get on young Leanord’s bad side. 👍👍👍🤣🤣🤣

  13. I think I actually heard Jeff’s knuckles break…. Jeff, just stick to surfboards, not wood boards 🙂

  14. is corona j not a thing in Australia lmao bc if so I wanna move tf away from Florida and get out bc corona is stoopid

  15. 6:33 Hilarious how when Joel says ‘please don’t break…please don’t break’, he’s talking about the board, not Jethro’s knuckles 😂

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