Why Driving To The Basket Is HARD For Some Players & Easy For Others

Some players have a ton of basketball moves, know how to dribble a basketball well, how to finish around the rim, have been doing some basketball training, and listening to tips, but for some reason driving to the basket it still hard for them. Why?

I can tell you the answer is more than that they need to add more basketball crossovers to their game.

There’s actually certain psychological issues that keep players from being effective at driving to the basket, as well as a lot of other issues that most people NEVER think of!

Part of the reason is also that a lot of players lack certain basketball scoring moves that they need to be effective at driving.

In this video you’ll see the main reasons some players find driving to the basket hard, and others find it easy, as well as scoring basketball drills, dribbling drills and tips to make it easy.

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