Toronto Maple Leafs forward Zach Hyman shares his thoughts on his impending free agency & whether or not he will stay with Toronto after the 2020-21 season.


  1. Hyman has became my favourite leaf from watching his passion and just fight game in and out… if he does not return the leafs made a big mistake his chem with the top line is way too important

  2. It could be super tough to make it work. I'd love to have him back. Maybe it could come down to signing either Hyman or use that money to extend Rielly. Andersen and or his replacement will effect it. I could see Hyman's camp asking for 5m AAV and getting it easily from another team if we Leafs choose not to. How many years of that price is fair? All tough decisions. Let the season play out for a while. None of those decisions need to be made right away. Some player may step up that wasn't expected

  3. Better not lose Zach Hyman. He is one of the hardest working players, and is a consistently a plus player, unlike a lot of leafs. If people think Hyman is bad, they don't know hockey. I hope he does revisit first 2 lines because he deserves it.

  4. I'd really miss him if he left, he's so dependable and always puts his effort and heart into every game.

  5. Hyman will be on the Matthews line soon enough back putting up points as the season prolongs and Thornton will drop down probably to 3c. Hymans been tasked to shutdown the other teams best lines not to put up a point per game

  6. 8 years 3.5 seems legit fair. Little low on the AAv but a little high on the term… you could either resign Freddy for 5 and trade holl/kerfoot or you can let Freddy walk and focus on mo the next year

  7. This……………. this right here is why over paying contracts (cough cough) Marner handcuffs you. Unless the leafs go long term to bring the AAV way down and then and only it’s possible able to keep Zack.

  8. Plays physical, can keep up with the top guys, get's pucks to the net, and well liked by the core. Obviously he stays.

  9. Why would you even ask this question? Do you hate the Leafs????

    Also, am I crazy for thinking Hyman will get more goals this year on this line?

  10. Honestly, Hyman is the one question mark I have when when it comes to resigning. He has value as a player and as a personality within the Leafs and any locker room. He wants to play here and he bleeds blue and white being a Toronto boy himself and he has a new family. So here is my prediction. He will stay at a pay cut ( pulls a Kevin Labanc ) if there is a guy who would do right by the team in order for them to stay competitive Hyman is definitely the guy who would make the sacrifice in order to keep other key players around as well. ( Yes that means Freddy as well ) so Hyman takes a 1m/1 yr plus additional bonuses contract in order for the Leafs to have cap flexibility and maybe in order to keep parts of the same core around. Freddy will stay, depending on the Leafs success Willy might be on the plank here just because his value and contract is looking better each year. Simmonds resigns and Vesey bit of a bump in pay but good enough for them to stick around for longer. Top 4 defence remains maybe Holl gets traded with a prospect and pick for a top 9 guy and Willy will get traded for picks and cap relief? Sandin makes the jump up into the top 6 and Lehtonen resigns. Robertson gets a permanent top 9 role. Thornton comes back ( He said he is willing to go for longer but this time he gets a permanent 4th line centre role ) Engvall gets a permanent spot. So line up might be in my mind
    Marner Matthews Hyman
    Robertson Tavares Vesey
    Mikhayev Kerfoot Simmonds
    Clifford (yeah really!) Thornton Engvall
    Rielly Brodie
    Muzzin Savard ( maybe?!? His contract ends this year and would be the perfect partner to Muzzin )
    Sandin Lehtonen

  11. I think he will try and stay with the leafs as long as he can, we love him here. He’s one of my favourite players to watch and I doubt he leaves unless another team offers him a ridiculous contract

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