Let’s talk about Wing Chun and Karate. In this video we going to compare wing chun to karate.
Wing Chun Master vs Karate Black Belt | Don’t Mess With Wing Chun Old Man.

Narrator: PureBritishness
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  1. This looks like paid actors or opponents are newbies in ring or ground. Looks completely fake to me.

  2. i think if they are practicing kung fu not just for self defense,i think they should be able to fight for real like all those kung fu practitioners in the chinese war era

  3. el disfrazado de cinta negra revolea los brazos como si nunca hubiera pisado un dojo… fake, recontra fake

  4. disfrazaron a un perejil con una cinta negra y un karategui y lo mandaron a pelear para el video. Un verdadero cinta negra en cualquier estilo de karate no se para frente al oponente con esa guardia abierta, de frente y sin proteger su cabeza , plexo e hígado… Fake.

  5. hahahaha the narators watched the IPMan movie… thats why he, narates the wing chun exageratly.. as most effective martial arts..

  6. the people the wing chun users are fighting are awful. all i saw was people running away. wing chun is probably the worst martial art

  7. No thecnique is better it depends on the person usage every martialart thecnique is unique by its own style

  8. 1 year of mma would be enough to beat theese idiots who are maybe really training that shit for many years..

  9. I was defending these videos at one time .But now I have to agree that they are not true to their description. I don’t like being duped. SMH!!!

  10. Wing chun is only bulshit an average boxer or MMA fighter could beat even the best of the wing chun fighter

  11. I seen an old man sparring with a yellow belt….. Just saying… Smh I mean… The black belt at the beginning basically killed the old wing chung dude. Front kick to the bladder, by the right black belt and your pretty much done living. Just saying!!!

  12. If you have found peace and harmony practicing and studying the martial art style of your choice, then what should it matter?

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