Winter may be tough fishing but its prime time to catch giant bass! Don’t let the cold temperatures and tough fishing fool you, this is one of your best shots at the fish of a lifetime and you should absolutely be on the water.

This isn’t the time to be exploring new baits or trying to build confidence. During the cold water months you should be focused on a handful of confidence baits so you know that you’re doing the right things, even when you aren’t getting bit. If you stick to your game plan the time will come that you cross paths with a truly giant bass!

We recommend a 2-pronged approach. You either need to finesse fish for bass or throw swimbaits for bass. Be sure that you don’t find yourself in the middle, that is the least effective approach to Winter fishing. Again, you either want extreme finesse (like the ned rig) or extreme big baits like the basstrix paddle tail or trash fish.

Below are the baits and gear we recommend…


Basstrix 7″ Swimbait:
8″ All American Trash Fish:
Owner Beast Hook:

Finesse Approach:

5″ Senko (Green Pumpkin/Blk Flake):
Dream Shot Worm:
Z Man Ned Rig T.R.D.:
Z Man Mushroom Head:
Gamakatsu Finesse Wide Gap Hook (size 1/0):
Dropshot Weights:

Finesse Rod- Dobyns 742 Spinning:
Finesse Reel- Shimano Stradic CI4+ 2500:
Finesse Line- 10 lb Sufix 832 Braided:
Finesse Leader- 8 lb Seaguar AbrazX:

Swimbait Rod- G Loomis Heavy:
Swimbait Reel- Calcutta 400B:
Swimbait Line- Sufix 832 80 lb Braid:
Swimbait Leader- 30 lb Maxima Ultragreen:

Camera Used- GoPro Hero4:

Winter Bass fishing can be amazing fish for largemouth, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass alike. Don’t be afraid to get out, even in cold weather and do some bass fishing. When water temps are cold the fish’s metabolism slows but they still need to eat. You’re going to get less bites than you’re used to but you’ll be getting big bass bites.

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  1. I just started fishing for the Western Carolina Bass Team and I am excited to try these out in the next tournament. Love the videos and the effectiveness of the information provided. Keep it up!

  2. Hey Matt! I live in North Carolina, and I wanted you opinion on whether to get the 168 size S-Waver or the 120 size. The 120 size would problably get more bites, and be eaiser to throw being my biggest rod is a 7’3 Heavy rod. But I want to try getting into the bigger profile baits. Thanks!

  3. do you think you could get away with a smaller jerk bait while winter fishing? (there’s no ice one the lakes yet)

  4. What weight mushroom head do you most often use? I have never thrown a ned rig, but would like to give it a chance! Thanks guys!!!

  5. What depths are we talking? And, are you fishing in front of an already known school compliments of a fish finder?  I recently fished 60 degree water, no fish finder, and better success in 4-6 feet than 15-18 feet (sometimes 20+) which was surprising to me.

  6. dropshot small baits catch the most bass hands down. the bad thing 90% of those bass will be small. but you will catch a lot of fish. the other bad thing… snags and losing rigs… so the second advantage of small baits and drop shot is a lot less money lost in the long run compared to fishing higher dollar big baits on the bottom. my experience comes from bank fishing though. im sure from a boat you have a lot less snags that you lose rigs. ie i fish dropshot small baits for one month straight in the summer every night caught 30 fish that month. most were small 4-5 were nice. the bite at castaic is not as good as the bite you guys are getting at the delta. but im sure since the delta blew up in popularity the bite will be just as bad there in a few years as it is here. gl on a record fish. cya

  7. Fantastic video! I had a question about the Dobyns 742sf. I am looking for a rod to skip senkos and light jigs around docks. I would also like to use it for Ned rig and heavier drop shot fishing if possible. I fish Lake of the Ozarks in MO so fish are typically 2lbs to 4lbs with the occasional 5-6 lbr. I was looking at the DX 742, 743, 703, and 683. Is there one here you feel could do all of these things well?

  8. What about lakes like Toledo bend and Sam Rayburn? what swim baits do you guys recommend for those lakes? I want to throw some swim baits and the fish are already starting to move up staging to spawn. Some bucks have already moved up and started making beds. There is not as much hydrilla as there used to be in the lake due to flooding the past couple of years. I am fairly new to the swimbait world and I know it just takes one bite to get confidence in a bait and to me it really seems like confidence is a major key to fishing success. I have caught them on the skinny dippers before but I want something maybe a little bulkier and bigger. I thought about some line through swimbaits to cast around bedding areas looking for those big females.

  9. Just watched another video you made and it had 10 thumbs down as this one does, looks like you have 10 haters that follow you around and get their Barbi rods all twisted up in their panties. You guys are the best on YouTube and tell the truth about bass fishing, I have fished for 40 years and I have learned a ton of info from you and Tim while watching your videos. If you ever make it to East Tennessee you have a seat in my boat any day. I’ll put you on some good smallies with the little old 1/8 – 116 hair jigs dead of winter or summer, (maybe yourself and Tim need to shoot a video on lil old hair jigs) LoL…… Great job to both of you, 40 years and never fished a swimbait but I’m getting there thanks to you guys.

  10. Hey guys I was watching Scott Martin yesterday on his YouTube channel he mentioned he wanted to come out to California and fish boards Barn and said it would be great to hook up with you too I hope that comes true would love to see it happy holidays

  11. Love your videos guys! Recently started kayak bass fishing the delta more in opposed to mostly lakes. Your info and videos have improved the quality and quantity of my fish caught. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!


  12. Cool video . learned a lot , but my other question is and I can’t find a video of yours … where do the bass go when it’s extremely cold water with no ice . In say like a pond . I mostly fish ponds

  13. What can I say… these guys know their stuff! As a casual bass fisherman now becoming more avid, I find all the content in TB’s videos to be very helpful, easy to understand then implement, and over all, extremely informative. As overwhelming as bass fishing gear/lures etc have become, it’s nice to be able to pick TB video that suits my style of fishing and then simply listen and learn. I truly appreciate Matt and Tim’s comment and dedication to the education of catching bass.

  14. why is talking about the ned rig a BAD thing?! i found those zman lures last year and it was absolutely insane the amount of fish i caught on those things.

  15. I looking to fish clear lake in December and im would like to know what my best bait would be to catch my pb.

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