The Brooklyn Nets ended on a 14-6 run to defeat the Washington Wizards, 119-114. Kyrie Irving (18 PTS, 4 AST) led the way, while Kevin Durant made his debut for the Nets and added 15 PTS, 3 AST and 2 BLK in the win. Rui Hachimura led the Wizards with 18 PTS, 4 REB and 3 3PM.

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  4. That was a clear distinction between talent and experience vs youth and inexperience. The 7-footer, Lopez, could NOT hold unto the ball….losing opportunity and momentum. Will the NY Knicks ever reach championship status? I worry about KD and Kyrie; I hope that their injury-prone bodies do not succumb to another injury. They are both NICE guys with selfless and humble dispositions. I wish them well!

  5. 6:54 brown pushed Durant could’ve did it harm I played it back to many times y’all let’s pray kd safe 🤝💯 n protection !!

  6. Brooklyn blew away a 26 points lead …hmmm and almost lost the game..if it wasnt for those crucial baskets…this team still needs a lot of improvement..offensively..theyre good.but defense wise..hmmm

  7. Fast the ball Irving move ball enough showtime… show off there are 5 player in the court not just you alone…damn your still immature still no improvement… kemba walker is still more better than you…hahaha..

  8. How we aint got no money but these NBA players can still have these contracts worth millions. Yet they got a hard time giving out stimulus money for us. By the way Brooklyn will never win a ring. Kyrie and Durant is not enough.

  9. KD hair so nappy dawg chop that shit bruh. Looking lika chocolate eclair that ain’t the move blood.

  10. Don’t ever expect the Wizards to do anything. They are the worst franchise in the league and a graveyard for any talent that comes through. Looks like a bunch of high school kids on the court.

  11. That Israeli boy that the Wizards have, boy, I’ll tell ya; he’s going to be something special

  12. if we had Russel and Bradley, This game is in the bag. but im so proud of the way the wizards played. they gave them one hell of a fight

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