Yellowtail snapper are one of my all time favorite fish to catch and to eat! Here’s how I do it!


  1. Hey rob and Sara, since you have a lot of experience salt-water fishing snook, bonita and teasing the sharks, would you beinterested in starting a Shark Riding School? If you get a saddle on one, i’ll be the first to ride:)

  2. heres a tip for yellowtail fishing. when chumming, make sure you chum for at least 45-60 min before dropping lines in. yes it might suck because of that wait but when waiting I recommend bottom fishing for muttons and groupers when legal

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  4. Those sand tile fish have done that same thing to me where they spin and slice you. How do they taste? ive always thrown them back

  5. I wish I could fish for the kind you do I love to ice fish, deep sea, cat fish all kinds.
    we have all this in NH

  6. Looks like a great time out there! I caught some yellowtail yesterday, going to almond crust these fillets =)

  7. What’s up Joe, just saw a few of your videos and enjoyed them. I just moved here to south Miami from Texas and ready  get out on the water to do some Florida fishing. What advice can you give me when going out of the Keys, what bait, how deep, etc….

  8. Bro I hope you come across my comment because I i would love to go fishing and lobster diving with you some day !!!!!

  9. I really enjoy watching your videos Rob in learning how to rig up for special rigs for different species of fish

  10. I fish the same waters but hit the 60 foot drop right off Juno pier. To catch yellow tails ya got to anchor up, use a chum bag and use light tackle. The yellow tails will be in the chum line. Not sure what your doing there. 🤦‍♂️

  11. being honest, I would rather be on a boat fishing with Rob than on the biggest yhat in the world

  12. I am 30 years old and and have been fishing for 25 years. I have never caught a snook!! this is literally on my bucket list. If i can catch Just one snook I think I can die happy!! love the channel keep it up man I live in miami and am always using ur techniques and passing them to my son.

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